A downloadable game

very short demo for a game where you get lost in the woods and fall for someone you shouldn't fall for.

full game in development. made in renpy.
full photo credit list provided in download. art by me.

songs used:
my own cubic stone - auroras borealis
the watery graves of portland - sleeping fox
reduced to certainty - sleeping fox
all other music made by me

to do:
finish writing, create rest of assets as needed, rewrite some parts, add second routes/endings

[1/21] fixed item test screen, music box option is now functional.


forestbliss-1.0-all.zip 69 MB


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I like the game's atmosphere and how it deals with the fae. It reminds me a bit of The Arcient Magus Bride, which I really liked. I'm curious to see where it goes.

this is beautiful!! i can feel the care put into the game's writing and ambiance! reminds me a lot of OFF hehe

It's not done yet, so I can't rate it but... FIVE STARS!! 

The atmosphere was eerie and calm and really well put together. I'm already dying to really learn about the character of not only the "caretaker" but also the odd faeries. So far I love the set up and the background. If you choose to continue I will be here eagerly waiting. :D 

i don't know if you're planning on finishing this game, but i strongly encourage you to. i have never experienced anything with such unique atmosphere and the demo definitely left me wanting to know the rest of the story. this feels less like a game and more like an experience and i think that's really special. keep creating, there are many people (me included) who would love to see more of your work.

Stunning. Absolutely  stunning. The dialogue is intriguing and the music is splendid. The short time I spent playing the game was spent utterly captivated. I do hope this game isn't abandoned and work is still being done. 

I don't see a rate the game button. I try to rate and place commentary on anything I play. I look forward to the rest of the game, really enjoying the atmosphere and the visuals. The writing and dialogue are pretty well done too, not too robotic, lively, keeps the mystery going. My battery is blowing out. Hope to play the rest soon.